Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Florrie's Maternal Ancestry!

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Sunday, 20 September 2015


(son of Thomas & Sarah OGDEN)

Wargrave Emmanuel, Newton In Makerfield, Lancashire
(Parish Church)

Census Entries So Far

Census speculation 1841 - 1851


North St
Regent Rd
, Salford
John OGDEN 60 yes
Eliza OGDEN 40 yes
John OGDEN 17 cotton dyer yes
Emma OGDEN 13 yes
William OGDEN 9 yes
Thomas OGDEN 7 yes


11 York St
, Christ Church, Salford
John OGDEN hd (73?) engineer b. Newton Heath
Eliza OGDEN wf 54 charwoman (b. Manchester?)
Emma OGDEN dau 22 frame tenter b. Salford
William OGDEN son (20?) labourer b. Salford
Thomas OGDEN son (18?) labourer b. Salford
Mary (A?) OGDEN gr-dau 8 scholar b. Salford
Elizabeth OGDEN gr-dau 3 scholar b. Salford


18 Legh Street, Newton
In Makerfield
John OGDEN hd 39 messenger b. Salford
Ellen OGDEN wf 41 b. Manchester
(Louisa?) OGDEN dau 12 scholar b. Salford
Sarah E. OGDEN dau 2 b. Newton
Thos OGDEN lodger (unm) 28 driller b. Salford
(neighbours to WOODWARD household)

Moss, Moston, Cheshire
Richard F. HILL hd (4*?) carpenter b. Manchester
Sarah wf 31 b. Burton Wood
James Burton son 8 scholar b. Newton Le Willows
James Ogdam son 8 scholar b. Newton Le Willows
John Ogdam son 6 scholar b. Newton Le Willows
Eliza dau 11mths b. Newton Le Willows
(shows how names appeared on census)

The Moss, Moston In Congleton, Cheshire
Richard F HILL hd 58 Manchester railway wagon inspector b. Manchester
Sarah HILL wf 41 b. Burton Wood
James B. HILL son 18 house joiner b. Earlstown
James OGDEN stepson 18 moulder (iron) b. Earlstown
John OGDEN stepson 15 spring maker b. Earlstown
Eliza HILL dau 10 scholar b. Earlstown
Sarah A. HILL dau 9 scholar b. Moston
Richard F. HILL son 7 scholar b. Moston
Maria F. HILL dau 4 b. Moston
Bessie J. HILL dau 1 b. Moston
(Earlestown spelt incorrectly on census transcript)

1891, yet to locate James OGDEN & family (b. c1863)

77 Earle Street, Earlestown
John OGDEN hd 25 painter b. Earlestown
Elizabeth Ann OGDEN wf 27 b. Wargrave
John OGDEN son 5 b. Wargrave
James ENNIS boarder (single) 27 labourer (b. Liverpool?)
Ogden DARLEY dau 1 b. Earlestown
(their son ^James as follows):

Marsh Green Head, Bradwell, Cheshire
Richard HILL hd 68 railway wagon examiner b. Manchester
Sarah HILL wf 52 b. Burton Wood
Sarah A HILL dau 19 machinest shoe (*?) b. Moston
Richard HILL son 17 iron moulder appren b. Moston
Maria HILL dau 14 b. Moston
Bessie HILL dau (11?) scholar b. Moston
Peter HILL son 9 scholar b. Moston
^Jim OGDEN grandson (3?) visitor b. Earlstown
(Earlestown spelt incorrectly on original census)

24 Brookfield St, Newton
In Makerfield
John OGDEN hd 36 wagon painter b. Newton In Makerfield
Elizabeth A. OGDEN wf 38 b. Newton In Makerfield
John OGDEN son 15 blacksmith b. Newton In Makerfield
James OGDEN son 13 lab (sugar works) b. Newton In Makerfield
Florrie OGDEN dau 5 b. Newton In Makerfield
Lily OGDEN 3 dau b. Newton In Makerfield
Elsie OGDEN 1 dau b. Newton In Makerfield
Caroline HOUGHTON s-in-l 22 gen serv dom b. Newton In Makerfield
William STOCKTON boarder (single) 42 lab engineer b. Warrington

(Nab?) Lane, Mirfield, Yorkshire
Aquila BOOTH hd 28 railway engine stoker b. Castleford, Yorks
Ada BOOTH wf 30 b. Kirkburton, Yorks
Norman J. BOOTH son 1 b. Mirfield, Yorks
Ettie HOGDEN visitor 10 b. Earlston Lancs
(via rootschat)


Middlewich Rd
, Bradwell (Elsworth, St Peter) Cheshire
James OGDEN hd 38 iron moulder b. Earlstown, Lancs
Alice OGDEN wf 41 b. Elsworth, Ches
Tom OGDEN son 11 b. Elsworth, Ches
Ellen OGDEN dau 9 b. Cliff Vale, Staffs
James OGDEN son 7 b. Cliff Vale, Staffs
John OGDEN son 3 b. Elsworth, Ches

184 Crow lane West, Newton-Le-Willows
John OGDEN hd 45 painter wagon dept LNW b. Earlestown
Elizabeth Ann OGDEN wf 48 b. Vulcan
John Thomas OGDEN son 25 blacksmith b. Earlestown
James OGDEN son 23 tinsmith b. Earlestown
Hettie OGDEN dau 18 b. Earlestown
*Florrie OGDEN dau 15 printing works b. Earlestown
Lilly OGDEN dau 13 servant dom b. Earlestown
Elsie OGDEN dau 11 b. Earlestown
Olive OGDEN dau 9 b. Earlestown
(*later Florrie LANE)

London Rd, Elworth, Sandbach, Cheshire
James OGDEN hd (marr 23 yrs) 48 iron founder b. Elworth
Alice OGDEN wf 50 b. Elworth
Tom OGDEN son (single) 21 pattenbnmaker b. Elworth
Nellie OGDEN dau 19 b. Elworth
James OGDEN son 17 fitter appren b. Cliffe Vale, Staffs
John OGDEN son 13 school b. Elworth
  Eva OGDEN dau 9 school b. Elworth

 any further knowledge welcome - feel free to post comments 

thank you!







Grandfather LANE


Florrie LANE (nee OGDEN)




Thomas OGDEN


(1778 - 1852)



origins in Newton Heath, Manchester, Lancashire ???

130th Wedding Anniversary

The marriage of John OGDEN to Elizabeth Ann HOUGHTON 
St John the Baptist, Earlestown, Newton In Makerfield, Lancashire